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How do I find out if a container is unpacked?
Simply type in the container number in either the Freight Finder or in the Quick Finder. Within a few seconds the current status of that container will be displayed.
How do I find out more details about my freight?
If you want to know about a specific line of freight, register, and then enter in the Freight Finder, the Container # and either the Main Loaders reference # OR the # of items, the weight and the Cube ( note - you need all 3 ). Within a few seconds we will tell you what holds are on the freight, when demurrrage will start, and if already on demurrage, how much is owing. For security reasons, we cant tell you the marks, or full description, but can tell you the # of pieces, weight and Cubic to allow you to confirm you have the correct line of freight.
How do I register?
Register within the Freight Finder simply by filling in a few gaps. Choose your own password, click on Register, and within a few minutes later your confirmation will be emailed to you.
How current is the information available?
The information is virtually realtime. The database is refreshed with updates every 15 minutes
How do I book a MAF inspection?
To book a MAF inspection you simply email inspections@tapper.co.nz
Please include a copy of your BACC.
There will be charges applicable for this service of which you will be advised by return email

Tapper Freight Station Operating hours?

Hours of operation for both freight drop off’s and pick up’s :

Monday - Thursday :  6.30am – 5pm

Friday :  6.30am – 4.30pm

Please note we are closed weekends and public holiday’s

For more information or a demonstration of the website, please email us at bringiton@tapper.co.nz